oddasea, the art and surf brand. About emotion and ocean inspired images. These are fuelled by passion, hope and positivity.
The work has a retro modern take on the world as it’s seen today. Aspiring to inspire with mixed, graphic art illustration designs, t-shirt prints, films and photos.

Being an artist, has given me a voice in the world, a focus and a tool to learn from.

Through the inspiration of nature, words, music and thought I am conveying inspirational designs that last. Celebrating the diversity of existence with quality designs. Using hand created illustrations and hand created paint effects mixed with computer manipulations.

My art comments on the human disposition to presume the right to rule the planet, to create and dominate, juxtaposed with the environmental impact of our time on earth. The designs are put together with a bold response to what influences me at the time, I have to put these emotions down on paper or whatever platform they transpire onto.

"Capture the horizon"